Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Awesome: Swiss Miss Pick-Me-Up

New idea: I will review things I buy, when I feel like it.

First up: Swiss Miss Pick-Me-Up, aka Super-Caffeinated Hot Chocolate.

Uh, brilliant.

I can't drink coffee. I like the way it smells, a LOT, especially when in a can that's kept in the freezer (what? I can be specific), but it hurts my stomach oh my god and I feel queasy for the rest of the day.

Until I realized it was the coffee (this was like, late middle school, early high school), I kept thinking I had food poisoning. And then when I hadn't eaten anything, and it was just the delicious cappuccino in my stomach (aren't I so-phis-ti-cat-ed), I decided that it was, like, the oils in the coffee that were doing it, making my stomach feel fucking horrible like that. (My dad said, No, kid--that's the caffeine, which I am skeptical of, because in a pinch, I can take caffeine pills and chew caffeine gum and down Mountain Dew, and all I get are the shakes--no queasiness, so I don't know about that, Pops.) Anyway, whether it's "the oils" or just the caffeine, or some interaction between the two, but I do not drink coffee. It does not agree with me.

Nevertheless, I am a student. I have needs. They are needs for stimulant chemicals, and since it's a good idea for me to stay on the right side of the law, caffeine's the way to go.

So I drink tea. A lot of tea. In semesters when I have morning classes, I generally have tea every week day morning. Then sometimes another cup after class if the hot water's still out. I like tea, definitely, yes. It's awesome and there are lots of varieties and I luh-huh-huve the way it smells.


One needs variety.

Enter: Swiss Miss Pick-Me-Up. Hot chocolate "with as much caffeine as one cup of coffee"! (As trumpeted on the box.) Uh, brilliant. As I said.

Also: delicious. Just like regular Swiss Miss, which, as you may know, is awesome. I need to get some marshmallows for this shteez, because they don't make a Swiss Miss Pick-Me-Up Marshmallow Lovers', unfortunately.

But this is totally worth buying, if you want variety in your morning caffeine delivery system and also like Swiss Miss. Which you should, because it's delovely.

I definitely felt energized, but it's hard to say how much was just the placebo effect. But I did do a little dance.

Pros: caffeine; hot chocolate; yummy.
Cons: no marshmallows; placebo effect.
Score: ****


Anonymous Rand said...

I think your next one should be about your new boots!

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